Through our in-house subsidiary, Stokes Logistics, Inc., we provide the additional service our customers need for their peak shipping times. We have contracts in place with hundreds of carriers located throughout the United States. As a licensed Broker, we maintain the necessary files for each of these carriers, ensuring our shippers that only licensed carriers that meet all DOT requirements. We also carry contingency cargo insurance as an additional safeguard to our shippers. Should there be any problems or a freight claim, we resolve those issues quickly and fairly.

On the carrier side, as a bonded and insured Broker, we guarantee payment within 28 days of receipt of an invoice and signed Bill of Lading, regardless of when, or if, the shipper pays. We are listed with Compunet, Transcore, and the Credit-Stop credit reporting agencies, and have an excellent payment record. We also offer fast-pay.

If you are a shipper having challenges with getting your freight moved, or if you are a carrier in need of freight, we ask that you consider trying us. We can provide plenty of references from both shippers and carriers who have benefited by using our Logistics service.


Stokes Logistics is seeking relationships with good Freight Agents. If you have good freight and want to partner with a first class logistics company with an excellent credit rating and the other essential tools to back up your business, like quick-pay, etc., please Contact Us!

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If you're a shipper looking to move freight or a carrier in need of freight, please contact us.

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