We dispatch O-O trucks exactly like we do our company-owned equipment. They run in our regular rotation of loads. We never load “around” them.

We have owner-operators running on our plates and operating authority, and we have some who prefer to run their own plates and authority. As long as the owner-operator meets our safety and service standards, either method is fine. In either case, we offer use of our fuel/cash cards. This acts as a free cash advance to them for their fuel and road expenses until we settle with them for each load. We do not withhold any monies from our owner-operators. There is no such thing as an escrow account here. We screen our O-O’s so there is no reason for any withholdings.

If you happen to be an owner-operator domiciled within a 100 mile radius of beautiful downtown Tremonton, Utah, and you feel you are the best of the best and are interested in running in a fleet where you will be treated with respect, and as an equal business partner, please give us a call or stop by to see if we have room for your truck.